Book - How to Make a Narrow Tang Knife by Kevin and Heather Harvey

Book - How to Make a Narrow Tang Knife by Kevin and Heather Harvey

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American Bladesmith Society Master Bladesmiths, Kevin and Heather Harvey, will guide you through every step while creating a narrow tang knife. From selecting the correct steel to explaining the intricacies of heat treatment. Everything will be covered, from grinding and polishing blades to fitting the guard and handle, and eventually finishing it off with a sturdy sheath. 270 pages with 880 clear color photos with detailed descriptions make it easy to follow the process.

In this book, four different knife manufacturing methods are covered, including a section on making a knife without many power tools. Even if you have never made a knife before, you should be able to successfully complete a narrow tang knife using the information from this book. If you are a seasoned knifemaker, you will still gain valuable tips and hints shared by these two excellent Master Bladesmiths.

After teaching more than 2 000 students over the past 20+ years, Kevin and Heather know only too well what students struggle with. In this book, they line you up for success during every step of the process. Kevin and Heather Harvey have dedicated their lives to sharing their knowledge of the forged blade. This is the first book in the "Heavin Knows" series of workshop manuals.

Kevin and Heather are both authorized instructors in Bladesmithing with the American Bladesmith Society. Regular classes are presented at their Heavin Forge Bladesmithing Studio and School in South Africa. They have also taught at the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in the U.S.A. Heavin Forge, their bladesmithing school, is one of nine ABS- recognized schools globally, with seven of them being in the U.S.A, and one in Belgium.

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