CPM® 154cm steel from Crucible: made by the particle metal process & is very clean. It works good & polishes great. It may be the best all around blade steel on the market today.

Precision Ground O-1: O-1 is still one of the best carbon steels for forging. It makes an excellent blade.

Precision Ground D-2: D2 has always had a good reputation for holding an edge. It has been the standard that other steels have been compared to.

440C is a true stainless. It's good for all applications especially kitchen cutlery.

New Product: Precision Ground A-2 tool steel.

The steel will have to ship separately from other products ordered unless all can fit in the 37" x 3" x 3" steel box. If necessary (depending on what you order), we will send an email asking if we can cut the steel in half in order to ship all in one box.

All steel is sold in 3 foot bars.