EDCi (Every Day Corrosion Inhibitor)

EDCi (Every Day Corrosion Inhibitor)

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Simply put, EDCi aids in rust and corrosion prevention on any type of metal, and is safe for metal finishes such as DLC, gun bluing, Cerakote, anodized finishes, and PVD coatings. EDCI is a safe choice because it is non-toxic and non-flammable.

Simply spray on, rub in, and wipe dry. That's it. You're left with a clean, dry surface that will not attract dirt, dust, lint or promote fingerprinting. We always recommend that you use a microfiber cloth to apply EDCi.

Use EDCi on anything that you don't want to rust. Knives, kitchen cutlery, firearms, firearm sights, coins, steel kitchen appliances, car & motorcycle parts... everything. Use it to clean the surface and you're automatically applying rust protection at the same time.

If you are using oils or cloths impregnated with oils or mineral spirits, you are leaving behind a film which not only creates unsightly fingerprints, but also attracts dirt, dust and even pocket lint. For a folding knife, this is bad because you're actually attracting and collecting particles that will increase friction and slow down the action as well as make it feel gummed up over time. This means you'll be cleaning more often than you need to.

EDCi was initially developed for knife maintenance. Even the highest quality stainless steels can and will rust with use and over time. When you decide to clean your blade (even just to remove some fingerprints), use EDCi. While you're cleaning, you're also applying a layer of protection at the same time. Many of the finest knives are made with carbon steels and Damascus which can rust very easily. Instead of constantly oiling the blades, and leaving a sticky film behind, incorporating EDCi into your regular maintenance routine prevents all corrosion.

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