Mini Polisher Buffer

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Mini Polisher Buffer

Suitable for use with the Pops Super Wheels. Super Wheels not included.

High-Speed Motor:Equipped with a 320W pure copper motor, this polisher operates at a high speed of up to 10000rpm, ensuring powerful polishing force. 

Adjustable Speed:Features step-less speed adjustment from 800–10000 rpm, allowing for versatile use across various materials and polishing needs. 

Durable Material: Constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy and plastic, this polisher is anti-rust and strong, designed for long-term use. 

Easy Maintenance:Pre-lubricated ball bearings and a dustproof motor casing make maintenance minimal, ensuring a hassle-free operation.

Compact Design:With a lightweight build of 8.15 lbs and a compact size of 7.87"x5.9" inches, this polisher is easy to carry and store.

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