Pops #1 Digital Pattern

Pops #1 Digital Pattern

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This is a digital pattern that can be printed and is delivered as PDF file via email, knife is photo is not included and is just a visual reference.

Andy Roy Designs:

The Pops #1 and Pops #2 are simple bushcrafting knife patterns like many of the Fiddleback Forge designs.  The lines and curves are clean and elegant and designed to be simple to make with a 2x72 grinder.  The handle concept is open ended, which allows customers with larger hands to use the knife without discomfort.  The Pops #1 is 7.5” in total with a 3.5” blade.  This is what I consider an EDC sized knife. Its a good size for a small working knife and I make a bunch of designs in this size factor.  I carry a knife this size daily at Pops and also on short hikes.

This size knife has also been a big part of my teaching method.  Most new apprentices get excited about big knives which take a lot more time to finish. This makes the learning slower in my opinion. Repetition is critical at the start.  I find that finishing a few of the same small simple design really teaches a lot to the new student.  The 3rd finished knife is always way better than the 1st.  Many of the procedural questions are naturally addressed with this method.  Once the process comes natural branching to other challenges is easier.

An apprentice upon presenting me with either of these two designs finished cleanly from 1/8” or thinner steel with a tapered tang would graduate from my program.

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