Pops #2 Digital Pattern

Pops #2 Digital Pattern

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This is a digital pattern that can be printed and is delivered as PDF file via email, knife is photo is not included and is just a visual reference.

Andy Roy Designs:

The Pops #1 and Pops #2 are simple bushcrafting knife patterns like many of the Fiddleback Forge designs.  The lines and curves are clean and elegant and designed to be simple to make with a 2x72 grinder.  The handle concept is open ended, which allows customers with larger hands to use the knife without discomfort.  The Pops #2 is 8.5” long with a 3.5” long blade.  This is what I consider a full sized bushcrafting knife.  I make many knives this size including the Bushfinger and the Bushcrafter.  When I go into the woods, I generally carry this size design and feel confidant that this tool can handle any task.

I make more of this size than any form factor, so I definitely think its an important size for any developing knife maker.  Again, 5/32” or thicker is easy to do and 1/8" and 3/32” thicknesses are more challenging.  I used to get a lot of pressure to make knives this size in 3/32” steel.  Today I almost exclusively make these in 1/8” thickness.  

Once again, an apprentice upon presenting me with either of these two designs finished cleanly from 1/8” or thinner steel with a tapered tang would graduate from my program.

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