We have been experiencing issues with USPS and steel shipments. These shipments have taken up to a month to arrive. We highly advise choosing UPS for any orders containing steel at this time. We will update once we have seen the issue cleared.

We are phasing out the 9x11 Klingspor sheets, so get them before they are gone.

Check out the NuClayer Systems - NoScale we just got in!

NoScale2000 is suitable for all steels stainless or carbon. Oil and water quench pops the coating off. Air or plate quench will leave a white coating. can be scrubbed off with warm water

Meant to be a thin paint. Mix well. Brushed with foam brush or sprayed with an air brush after thinning with water. Can be instantly dried with heat gun, torch or heat from a forge.
Good for all carbon and stainless steels to 2000 degrees in forge or furnace.
Water and oil quench pops the coating off leaving a surprisingly durable black finish.
Plate quenching leaves the coating intact-turns white. Can be scrubbed off with water and a nylon scrubber. Wire wheel works as well.
No coarser than #220 finish on stainless before applying the NoScale..
Also used as a thin edge coat for helping to create hamons.

NuClayer Systems - NoScale 2000 16oz

NuClayer Systems - NoScale 2000 16oz

  • $30.00

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Pops 8670 in-house Steel 4ft bars
Pops 8670 in-house Steel 4ft bars

Pops 8670 in-house Steel 4ft bars

  • $16.00

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Featured Micarta: Natural Crosscut Mocca Paper Micarta

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Our Number is changing to 678-889-5160

Spread the news, our number is changing to 678-889-5160, you will still be able get us on the old number, but this will be phased out in the next couple of months.