About Pops Knife Supply

It is with profound sadness that we post the loss of a master craftsman and a pillar of the knife community. James Poplin was our friend and mentor and served the knife community for 42 years. He will be missed.

Pops Knife Supply was started almost 40 years ago by James Poplin.  James was already an accomplished knife maker when he started the supply business.  If you haven't seen a knife by Pop check out the pic at the bottom of this page.  Since then, Pops has served the knife making community with industry leading prices, and actual shipping costs.  According to James and Kay, keeping the prices and costs down has been their focus.  This is how they helped the knife community grow for nearly four decades.

This year, James has decided to retire, and he hand picked the 4Makers crew to take over the business. Allen Surls of W.A. Surls Knives, Joey Berry of JB Knifeworks, Dirk Loots of Dirk Loots Knives, and Andy Roy of Fiddleback Forge, are the four makers that comprise 4Makers Inc.  We are full time knife makers. Our focus is going to remain the same.  We’re going to keep the margins low and we only charge actual shipping costs.  (Kay really beat this into us.)  

Pops Knife Supply is as dedicated today as ever to earn your business.  If there is something we don’t have, or aren’t doing, please let us know.  You can expect to see some changes soon.  You’ve found the new website and we hope this makes ordering and managing your supply chain a lot easier.  There will also be more social media posts coming from Pops.  We think this will allow us to better showcase our handle materials, do promotional giveaways, and alert you to special deals we may be offering.  Additionally, there are some things we will be doing behind the scenes to create quicker and more reliable shipping times.  We have a goal of shipping the quickest in addition to being the lowest price out there.  As knife makers, we understand how important this can be.  

If you’d rather a voice on the phone, we will gladly take your call.  We don’t claim that our knife making wisdom can rival James and Kay’s, but we plan to listen, and we think we can help with most knife making questions.  

Thanks for visiting our new website, and THANK you for letting us serve your knife making business.

This is an example of James Poplins' amazing work.