Dirk Loots

Growing up in South Africa my Uncle made knives, and gave me one on my 16th Birthday which I still have. I think this is where my interest started. In 2011 I did a knife-making course, and knife making was just a hobby for the next couple of years.

In 2016 I did an advanced course with my mentor Bertie Rietveld who changed the way I look at and make knives.

I am currently living in North Georgia where I spent half my time making knives and the rest I am a part owner of Pops Knife Supplies, I also do some knife photography.

I make one of a kind art knives, from fixed blades to folders, and spend a lot of time on my creative designs. I will use many different steels, from carbon damascus to high end stainless steels and use exotic handle materials like mammoth ivory, mother of pearl and burls. I am a stock remover but will utilise heat and a hammer from time to time.

Website: www.dirkloots.com
Instagram: @dirk.loots

Work Examples