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AAA Quench Oil 5gal
This is a medium speed quenchant (9-11 seconds) with a flashpoint of 340°F and is suitable for steel like O1, 5160, 80CRV2 and 1085.

50 Quench Oil 5gal
This is a fast quenchant 
(5 seconds) with a flashpoint of 275°F and is suitable for steel like W1, W2, 1095 and any other steels requiring a fast quench.

THERMISOL K-9 - Cheaper alternative to AAA
THERMISOL K-9 with Quenzine is a fast quenching oil for ferrous metals. It furnishes rapid cooling during the initial cooling stage to provide high hardness in both the surface and core of treated steel. Heat extraction is both rapid and uniform to maintain uniform hardness, provide higher tensile strength in carburized parts, and greater toughness in carbon steels. 

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