Joey Berry

J.B. Knifeworks is the creation of Joey Berry of Buford, Georgia. Since his childhood, Joey has had a knife in his hand. Joey honed his metal working skills as a trained gunsmith. The meticulous attention-to-detail and exacting fit and finish are evident in his work. As a butcher in in his early adult years, Joey learned how knives are supposed to perform and feel in the hand. These experiences taught him important lessons that gave him a great foundation as a functional knifemaker.

J. B. Knifeworks’ products are practical in design, feel exceptional in the hand, and perform beautifully in the field or kitchen. Joey’s style includes full flat and convex grinds with generous distal taper that reduce weight and make for a phenomenal balance, feel and performance. The J.B. Knifeworks line includes everything from small skinning knives to a full range of kitchen cutlery. All knives are hand finished and individually made with exacting precision.

An avid outdoorsman, Joey has been married for 23 years and has two college-aged kids.  Joey was a High School precision air rifle team coach and enjoys shooting precision long-range rifles along with practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A craftsman by nature, he even dabbles in craft beer, wine and soap-making.

Instagram: @jbknifeworks

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