Drills - Gold Coated HD Super Premium High Speed Twist Drills

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We have selected drill sizes that match our pin selection, here are what the sizes are used for:

Size 52 - for 1/16 pin stock
Size 39 - for 3/32 pin stock
Size 30 - for 1/8 pin stock
Size F or 6.5 - for 1/4 pin stock
Size 11 - for 3/16 pin stock
Size V - for 3/8 pin stock
Size 11.2mm - for 7/16 pin stock

- Better in stainless steel than TiN. - Making this coating a better choice for interrupted cut applications, or hand operated applications. - This coating is also a general -purpose coating that likes to run at slow to medium speeds. - Adding a layer of TiCN to a cutting tool will increase its life span up to 5 times or 10 times

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