Pops Choice - Super Wheel - 4" x 1-3/8"

Pops Choice - Super Wheel - 4" x 1-3/8"

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This is it!  The Super Wheel is finally at Pops!!!  This is the item that has allowed us to virtually STOP ALL HAND SANDING!!!  You can use this wheel on handle material or steel to greatly reduce hand sanding steps.

For handle material, use a scalloped belt up to 600 grit, then hit the Super Wheel, then buff.  Zero hand sanding necessary for most materials.  Some of the more scratch prone acrilics will need further hand sanding.  

For steel, when hand sanding, use the wheel to get all the swirlies out when you finish sanding at 320 and 600 grit.  Won't get you out of all the hand sanding on steel, but gets out the frustrating swirls.

Andy here:  I don't use this for deburring.  The wheel is soft, and deburring eats it quickly.  If you use it as directed above this wheel can last 6 months at the Pops shop with all of us using it on almost every handle.

To mount the wheel, I use 1/4" threaded rod and two small nuts.  I chuck the rod in the small buffer.  The person who taught me about the Super Wheel used a hand drill he had clamped to his workbench.  

Color: Gray

Diameter: 4"

Thickness: 1-3/8"

Hole: 1/4"

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