NuClayer Systems - NoScale 2000 16oz

NuClayer Systems - NoScale 2000 16oz

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NoScale2000 is suitable for all steels stainless or carbon. Oil and water quench pops the coating off. Air or plate quench will leave a white coating. can be scrubbed off with warm water

Meant to be a thin paint. Mix well. Brushed with foam brush or sprayed with an air brush after thinning with water. Can be instantly dried with heat gun, torch or heat from a forge.
Good for all carbon and stainless steels to 2000 degrees in forge or furnace.
Water and oil quench pops the coating off leaving a surprisingly durable black finish.
Plate quenching leaves the coating intact-turns white. Can be scrubbed off with water and a nylon scrubber. Wire wheel works as well.
No coarser than #220 finish on stainless before applying the NoScale..
Also used as a thin edge coat for helping to create hamons.

Important notes:
1. Blade must be squeaky clean. I scrub them with thinned Noscale-wipe off with a paper towel.
2. Make sure you have full coverage on stainless. Even small pin holes will create pits.
3. Do not-I repeat-Do not contaminate the NoScale 2000 with the Hamon 1800. Will eat your stainless.
4. Looks to have an unlimited shelf life. Try not to let it dry out. But if it does, simply add water and let it soak. Overnight is best, but I know how we all work.
5. Thin or reconstitute with non-chlorinated water. Does not have to be distilled but no chlorine.

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