Recon Knife Template

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Recon Knife Template

My journey into the world of knives has taken an interesting path. Although I started with a background in Graphic Design, my fascination with craftsmanship led me to delve into the world of bladesmithing. It was quite a journey to become skilled in this craft – it took 13 years of hard work to achieve the title of Mastersmith in the American Bladesmith Society.

In the beginning, my focus was on stock removal techniques. I honed my skills by crafting over 8,000 stock removal knives, each one boasting unique and distinctive designs. This set me apart from the competition and gained me a reputation for innovation.

After years of designing, manufacturing, and selling knives internationally, I'm thrilled to share my knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. I've developed a series of detailed Knife Templates that embody my expertise. Among these templates, one of my proudest creations, the D13 EDC, served as the inspiration for my Recon Knife Templates.

These templates are available as a convenient 10-page downloadable PDF. Inside, you'll find not just one, but two design variations: the Recon EDC and the Recon Plus. But that's not all – both designs offer additional variations, allowing you to tailor the blade according to your preferences. Additionally, I've included two fundamental handle setups that maintain consistent style and dimensions across both designs.

Now, when it comes to the thickness of the blade material, I typically recommend 4mm for a reliable choice. However, I've personally experimented with a thickness of up to 6mm and achieved remarkable results. This flexibility ensures that the templates can be adapted to your preferred materials and methods.

Keep in mind that to bring these templates to life, you'll need to print them out. Access to a printer is essential for this step. The tactile experience of working with a physical template adds a unique dimension to the crafting process.

If the Recon Knife Templates have piqued your interest and you're eager to embark on your own knifemaking journey, I invite you to explore these resources.

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