52100 4ft bars

52100 4ft bars

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A chromium alloy steel, 52100 is excellent to use in forging, grinding, and cutlery production. It has great toughness and durability on its own or forge-welded to other steels, such as 410 or 416. Our 52100 comes pickled and annealed.

Certification: C- .940 Si- .070 Mn- .310 P- .0050 S- .0010 Cr- 1.420 Mo- .015 Cu- .035 Al- .026 Annealed Structure: 95% spherodized carbides

All Bars come in 4' lengths and are marked gold at the end of the bar. 
**These bars are cold rolled and are not precision ground, and are not guaranteed to be perfectly flat. 

Bar is marked with a gold edge.

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