80CRV2 4ft bars

80CRV2 4ft bars

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80CRV2, is a tough as nails work horse of a steel. Excellent for forging and grinding alike, it is our hope that makers will choose this grade over 5160 for many of their projects. Having a very similar heat treat to 5160, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to substitute this steel for many projects.

Typical Chemistry: Carbon 0.807 Silicon 0.32 Manganese 0.54 Phosphorus 0.010 Sulfur 0.003 Chromium 0.503 Vanadium 0.153

All Bars come in 4' lengths and are marked white at the end of the bar. 
**These bars are cold rolled and are not precision ground, and are not guaranteed to be perfectly flat. 

Bar is marked with a white edge.

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