Carbide Faced File Guide, Stainless Steel, v6

Carbide Faced File Guide, Stainless Steel, v6

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The original file guide with screw-down carbides, now in the latest improved version - the v6.

Looking for a faster way to get perfectly even bevels when grinding blades?

Want perfectly fitting stick-tang blades into the guard or bolster? 

  • 3.9 mm thick carbides screwed on, HRC 78
  • Carbides are adjustable sideways to open or close the gap if your blade is not 100% parallel with the jaws.
  • Non-magnetic, steel dust does not stick to it
  • Stainless ,will not rust
  • All screws are recessed into the  body for easy access on flat platen
  • Accepts up to 70 mm wide blades, up to 30 mm thick blades and guards
  • Guide pins are hardened steel for an even more sturdy construction and less chance of jamming

The file guide is used by clamping the blade between the jaws, enabling you to precision file both sides of the blade dead even using files or a grinder. The benefits are blade bevels starting perfectly even, and stick tang shoulders being dead square and even for perfect bolster fit.

Or anything else you need to file two sides to be the same on..

The file guide is in solid stainless steel, and will not rust when dunked in water during grinding to keep the blade cool. Steel dust will not stick to the non-magnetic steel.

The face is protected by carbide strips, which only diamond or other exceptionally hard tools will scratch. These are 78 HRC and very hard but: NOTICE ceramic belts can and will damage carbide. This tools is for use with hand tools, or normal aluminum oxide belts if using a grinder. The carbides are 3.9 mm thick and can be replaced if required.

The carbide strips are recessed slightly down into the stainless steel for added protection. This way the strips will not be knocked off, or be under pressure when clamping a blade in the file guide. This also ensures there is less pressure on the carbide strip when clamping in a blade as they back onto a shoulder of steel.

The file guide accepts up to 70 mm wide blades (2.75"), and up to 30 mm (1.18") thick blades.

This version (v6) comes with hardened steel guide pins and in a custom box with the allen keys required and tapped for the bench vice attachment.

Note this fits on both sides of the platen of for instance the Noob Grinder/Shopmate as the long bolts only point inwards when used on the right side of the platen, where there is space for them. When grinding on the left side of the platen, the bolts point towards you, and the recessed bolt heads make sure you have access on both sides.

The file guide has the Nordic Edge logo laser etched on one side.

Note this is a precision hand tool and can be hard to open the first few times. As any file guide it needs to be screwed on firmly and evenly, letting the guide pins do their job.

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