CPM MagnaCut Steel

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Some Notes From Dr Larrin Thomas

CPM MagnaCut is the result of my passion for knives and steel. I used a new approach to stainless tool steel design to eliminate chromium carbides from the microstructure. This led to a combination of properties which is better than previous stainless knife steels, and has similar toughness and edge retention to non-stainless steels like CPM-CruWear, CPM-4V, and Vanadis 4 Extra. The corrosion resistance was also excellent, even better than I was expecting, which means that the hardness-corrosion resistance balance of MagnaCut is very impressive, with achievable hardness being 64+ Rc and corrosion resistance being even better than steels like S110V, S45VN, and M390. The recommended heat treatment is 2050°F austenitize and 350°F temper, and a cold treatment after the quench means somewhat higher hardness.

Larrin Thomas - Knife Steel Nerds

**These bars are cold rolled and are not precision ground, and are not guaranteed to be perfectly flat. The bars have a mill scale finish and will be slightly oversized.

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