Sharpening Attachment

Sharpening Attachment

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Slide this accessory into a receiver slot of your 2x72 belt grinder to give yourself consistent control over your sharpening process. The low profile clamp allows you to quickly grip the spine of your blades without tools and to grind both sides of your edge symmetrically. Compared to other sharpening machines, using a belt grinder gives you access to your full catalog of abrasives, which means you can quickly repair damaged edges with more aggressive belts and progress up to a mirror polish with a leather strop and polishing compound. This attachment makes sure you maintain a consistent angle while you progress through those different steps to make sure you get a scary sharp edge every time.

This attachment can be used with almost any grinding accessory so you can achieve your desired edge geometry. Slack Attachment (convex), Rotary attachment (slightley convex or flat), Hard Platen (flat), Contact Wheel (concave).


  • 2” Accessory Arm (for AmeriBrade Machines) or 1.5” Accessory Arm for other brands

  • 2 Axis Adjustable Rest Bar

  • Low Profile Clamp on long stabilizing handle

  • Adjustable oversized shaft collar

Not included:

  • Grinding Accessories (must be used with some form of platen, slack attachment, rotary platen, or contact wheel, etc.)

  • Belts

  • Grinder (for safety, this must be used with a grinder that can run in reverse)

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