The Rinkhals – Articulated vise for knifemakers and hobbyists

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As a knifemaker one is always looking for ways to clamp your work whilst polishing/filing/finishing, and in the many years I have been making knives I have gone through many vices, none of which really worked well, they were either unstable, moved when using them, or didn’t last, being made of diecast metal. Then I stumbled across the Red E Hand that was being built in the USA. It was solid, well built out of billet aluminum, beautifully anodized, and I loved it. Then I learnt that the originator of this vice has stopped building them, and I needed another, being bored during lockdown , I set about adapting this vice a little, with some changes to suit my needs, and, the Rinkhals was born. I used my experience as a Mechanical engineer and knifemaker to engineer the Rinkhals to last a lifetime, simply put it will be the last vice you will buy. It is fully articulated and can clamp the workpiece in any position, is rock solid and the jaws open to 22mm wide if you use the supplied leather pads.

The vise is CNC machined from billet Aluminium and anodized black, the main thread has a hardened insert that will also last a lifetime.
The base can be bolted to the workbench or the base can be turned around and the Rinkhals clamped in your regular bench vise if you choose not to mount it permanently.

I am so sure of the quality that I am offering a lifetime warranty on the Rinkhals if you use it as intended, obviously excluding abuse.

I contacted the original designer of the Red E Hand vice and obtained permission to use aspects of his design.

Bertie Rietveld.

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