W2 4ft bars

W2 4ft bars

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A tool steel, W2 is a water-quenching steel not often seen in the United States. Available through New Jersey Steel Baron, LLC, W2 produces an excellent hamon. Many sword makers and larger blades are made using W-2. It is a very malleable steel, easy to work with and forge.

Certification: C- .916 Si- .296 Mn- .215 P- .0050 S- .0020 Cr- .069 Ni- .042 Mo- .008 V- .165 W- .005 Cu- .047 Sn- .0060 Al- .006 Annealed Structure: 98% spherodized carbides

All Bars come in 4' lengths and are marked orange at the end of the bar. 
**These bars are cold rolled and are not precision ground, and are not guaranteed to be perfectly flat. 

Bar is marked with a orange edge.

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