Kwaiken Tactical EDC Templates

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Kwaiken Tactical EDC Templates

Starting from an unusual path, I shifted gears from Graphic Design to the intriguing world of bladesmithing. Over 13 years, I honed my skills, earning the esteemed title of Mastersmith in the American Bladesmith Society. My journey commenced with stock removal techniques, leading me to meticulously create over 8,000 knives, gaining recognition for my unique and innovative designs.

After years of making knives for an international audience, I'm excited to share my knowledge. I've distilled my expertise into a set of Knife Templates, with the Kwaiken Tactical EDC design being a personal favorite. This compact and agile design never disappoints.

These templates are available as a convenient 9-page digital download in PDF format. They feature four main design variations on the same blade type, each with two handle setups. Additionally, you have the option to choose an extremely lightweight Skeletonized version of the Kwaiken.

When it comes to blade material thickness, I recommend 3.2mm for a chisel edge or 4mm for a more traditional center-edged grind.

Printing the templates is crucial, as it adds a tactile element to the crafting process. You can find these templates on my website or designated platforms, inviting all those interested in the art of knifemaking. As you embark on this journey, remember to prioritize safety and follow the provided guidelines. Your knifemaking adventure begins now – happy crafting!

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